Meet the team

We have an experienced and highly qualified team to ensure your web application system requirements are met.


With over 20 years experience in IT consulting across a wide range of industries and technology environments, Carlos enjoys creating aesthetic and elegant systems that are a pleasure to use. He believes simplicity is the ultimate design. Carlos has a Masters degree in Science from the University of Liverpool (2008) specialising in Internet Systems, and a Bachelors in Commerce with Honours from the University of Pretoria (2003)


With more than 20 years experience and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Oxford University (2004), Jack finds practical and lasting solutions. He is an avid problem solver, solutions architect, strategist and mediator with good people- and communication skills. He can translate your business requirements into elegant technical solutions but will communicate with you in easily understandable non-technical terms.


Bill has been developing software solutions for the past 20 years in many different technologies. He enjoys finding robust, holistic solutions to the clients requirements and is passionate about writing good code.


Catherine is a medical practitioner and Xero power user. She keeps the team on track when they get too geeky, and help us stay focused on what the client needs.