Job opportunities

Paid intern 👩🏽‍💻

If you live in Tauranga or close by and you’re passionate about web development, information systems or technology in general, but lack work experience, get in touch.

The ideal candidate is a self-starter, hard working, keen interest in computer programming and web development. Graphic design or any other relevant skills a plus.

Our projects use a variety of languages and technologies, predominantly HTML, JavaScript (including NodeJS), CSS, FileMaker, PHP, MongoDB and MySQL. Operating systems include Mac, Linux, Ubuntu and Windows.

We use a variety of hosting platforms including AWS.

Our expectations

If you’re internship application is successful, we will expect the following of you:

  • Demonstrate integrity, an emphasis on work quality, professionalism, discipline, sense of responsibility and a sense of teamwork
  • Demonstrate good time management
    • Be punctual
    • Maintain good attendance record
    • Observe deadlines
  • Negotiate and commit to internship objectives
    • Negotiate and agree on the core programming languages, tools and frameworks the candidate will focus on during their internship
    • For the duration of the internship, commit to spend between 1-2 hours per day of their work-day learning specific skills (programming languages, techniques, frameworks, tools, etc.) in line with internship objectives
    • Deliver an account in the form of a presentation and / or documentation of what they learnt once per week
  • Work minimum of 8 hours per day, flexitime within core office hours of 10am – 3pm
  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement and fixed-term employment contract
  • Submit weekly time sheets