Disaster Recovery ⌘ Mac

Cloudbased Solutions Ltd provides Disaster Recovery services tailored for users of Mac OS. Our services include remote bootable backups with built-in ransomware protection, using ChronoSync.

Disaster Recovery Assessments (DRAs) are conducted in person and on site to give real-life simulation of an actual disaster.

  • An overview of current and recommended DR options SME’s should consider
  • Analyse your current DR products and services
  • Simulate a disaster recovery process
    • Track how long it takes for critical IT infrastructure to be brought back online
    • Identify possible issues and pitfalls with current backup devices and services
  • Tailored recommendations and accurate cost estimates and savings if you adopt the changes

You need reliable backups for when disaster strikes

There’s no need to wonder if your backup strategy is robust. Have it tested already for peace of mind.

Xero Developer Partner

Xero Developer

Cloudbased Solutions is a registered Xero Developer partner. To date we have developed over a dozen custom integrations with the Xero API using NodeJS and PHP.

One of the systems we have built Xero integration for is Intrahealth’s “Profile” for Mac, used by specialists like plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other specialist practices.

Profile for Mac is a legacy system that is remarkably difficult to integrate with. It doesn’t have an API and the system’s technical documentation is not publicly available.

It took us a good while to figure out, but eventually we discovered a way to safely integrate directly with their system. Today we are supporting half a dozen practices in this way, saving time and money, and automating processes that had to be done manually in the past. Hooray for automation and system integration 🙂

Save time and money with system integration