We offer a range of consulting and IT services.

Custom-built database solutions

  • Create solutions allowing you to access your most important business data at your office or on the go.
  • Create business database applications that are cost-effective, user-friendly, intuitive and developed around your specific business requirements.
  • Implement a central database solution that generates and maintains unique business data, or collects, integrates and reports on data from other existing systems.

Disaster recovery services

We provide specialised DR services specifically for businesses and individuals who run server-side applications or any production-systems on Mac OS. Most businesses have cloud-based backups, but few realise the pitfalls associated with many online backup services. Read more about our DR services here.

Trusted Advisor

  • Boost your game-plan with an in-depth data management assessment, including data and system landscape review, data quality health-check, stakeholder interviews and business readiness assessment.
  • Robust data management-focused business analysis, project management and change management can make the difference between success and failure on your next big project.
  • Work with a trusted advisor to ensure your investment in IT project and data management technologies is sound and on track to deliver what you expect it to.

Single version of the truth and improved data quality

  • Do you ever feel that you waste time because of conflicting versions of the same data or report?
  • Effectively resolving data discrepancies allow you to focus on running the business, instead of investigating which data to trust.
  • Data quality management, if done well, includes being able to identify and resolve data quality issues before they impact your business.